Welcome to ANT! We are so glad you’re interested in becoming involved in our programs. 178a8735

Thank you for your dedication to the mental, emotional, and behavioral health of youth in our community. 


Get Involved

To participate in ANT’s equine programs, an intake is required for all youth. The Program Coordinator will conduct a brief interview (~15 minutes) over the phone to determine if ANT’s programs are a good fit your child’s needs. This can be completed by a parent, guardian, social worker, counselor, or other professional representing the youth, but the adult must have an in-depth awareness of the challenges being experienced by the child, as well as the financial capacity of the family or caregiving team.

If it is determined that our programs are a good match for the youth, the Program Coordinator will discuss cost & payment methods, as well as financial aid options if needed. Additionally, ANT participants are often eligible for state or agency funding (DSHS, CCS, Compass Health, etc) and we are happy to assist families in accessing those resources. Complete paperwork (below) and a deposit (regardless of scholarship amount) are required to secure a participant spot. Please see the Programs page for more information.

To schedule an intake:

Please call the office at (360) 671-3509 to speak with the Program Coordinator, or contact us by email.


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Program Schedule

September 8th: Kidz Dayz

September 10th ~ November 9th: Fall Quarter Sessions

January 28th ~ March 29th: Winter Quarter Sessions

April 8th ~ June 7th: Spring Quarter Sessions


Required Forms

Youth/After-School Programs

Day Camp

Kidz Dayz/One-Time Events

EAGLE Veterans


What to Bring

Participants in ANT programs will need closed-toe shoes, socks, and weather-appropriate clothing & outerwear. Leather riding boots and rubber rain boots available to borrow, as well as a small selection of jackets, hats, socks, and gloves.

Water bottle suggested; cups, water, and hot & cold drinks available. Day Campers are required to bring a lunch; after-school groups may allow time for a brief snack, but we encourage youth to eat a high-protein, low-sugar meal or snack prior to programs.