Why get involved?

Why get involved with ANT? dsc_1618

First, it will change your own life.

As a chore volunteer, your heart is touched by our gentle animals.

As a mentor, your spirit is blessed as you walk beside a brave youth working on bettering their life.

As a donor, you know you are investing in the future.

Animals as Natural Therapy is a non-profit organization that supports youth, veterans and families by giving them an opportunity for healing and empowerment through developing a bond with animals – mainly horses, but also llamas, goats, dogs, chickens and rabbits. Providing a safe and nurturing environment we facilitate healthy, mutually respectful relationships with the animals. 90% of the youth we serve need financial assistance to attend. Many lack the resources to access other effective interventions in their lives.

Through community collaborations ANT helps provide youth and veterans the chance to develop self-confidence, leadership skills, and trust while discovering the effectiveness of honest communication and the contributions that they can make to society. ANT’s equine-based experiential methods are highly effective in helping one overcome many personal challenges in areas such as impulse control, anger management, attachment, PTSD, grief and anxiety.   ANT’s projects successfully aid in preventing school drop outs; avoiding repeated incarcerations; circumventing gang, prostitution or drug involvement; and/or preventing suicide attempts. Many youth coming to ANT are being raised by grandparents, extended family, foster parents, or adoptive families because of unstable home lives due to parental mental disorders, addictions, and incarcerations.  Some live in shelters or on couches. Many of the families struggle with dysfunctional and abusive relationships, unemployment, and sporadic housing.

ANT provides many ways to contribute to this amazing work.


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