Animals as Natural Therapy’s (ANT’s) Mission is to strengthen our community by developing healthy, resilient individuals through animal-assisted education and personal growth, with special attention to at-risk youth.


ANT’s Vision is to provide an emotionally safe environment using well-orchestrated challenging activities that empower individuals to transform their lives. ANT aims to reach marginalized members of the community: struggling youth and families, veterans and elders in care facilities.

About Us

At Animals as Natural Therapy, every day we witness animals who provide people access to their inner resources which have been blocked or buried.

We create a safe setting, staffed by trained, sensitive professionals and amazing animals.  We provide individuals a unique opportunity to shed the armor they have created in order to survive difficult, sometimes life-threatening situations, whether on the street, in abusive relationships or on the battlefield.  They walk forward with new coping strategies and hope.

Why we use horses

Considering supporting Animals As Natural Therapy and our work to provide access to healing therapies for at-risk youth, veterans and elders?  Individual donations make up 68% of our income so we can not do it with out you!  Please review our FAQ’s about donating.

Yes: Animals As Natural Therapy or ANT is a Non-Profit 501c3.
Teens in recovery: 55 Safety Net Youth Aged 3-18: 208 Day Camp youth: 55 Kidz Dayz youth: 21 After School: 32-39 Youth each quarter Shelter youth: 5 Head Start youth: 27 Veterans: 8 Intergenerational Program: 515 Elders were visited y ANT animals at 8 care facilities Parents’ Guardians of participants: 44 University Interns $ Student Teachers trained: 13
There are many ways to help ANT continue to assist hundreds of people from our community and beyond each year. Making a donation is easy and goes directly to the scholarship fund. You can also sponsor an animal or support by buying items on the wish list. Check out our Donation Page for more info.
82% of all donations and direct payments goes directly to programs. 18% is spent on fundraising and administration.
Of course! Many people find they have a special connection to certain animals or types of animals.
Our sponsors receive recognition on our farm, website and social media. We also have events where donors are recognized. Even if you are unable to attend these the fact that a high 5 of your donation goes directly into programs for our community is key.