Lorna has been an avid rider since she was 2 years old. She rode western games as a 4-H participant. Lorna has trained with Leigh Shambo’s Human Equine Alliance and Learning, both as a group participant and co-facilitating groups for Lornatrauma survivors using equine facilitated psychotherapy, and with Linda Kohanov’s Epona Advanced Study Experience.

She is passionate in supporting individuals in their personal growth, empowering them through increased mind-body awareness, improving their ability to set and maintain boundaries and develop greater self-awareness, while reducing fear and anxiety. Lorna can be reached by e-mail at TherapyNMotion@msn.com or by phone at (360) 303-2973.

“We take what we learn from our relationship with our families into every new relationship created, even with Equus. It is in the acknowledgement of these relationships that we recreate our current selves.”