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Project Description

Mobile ANT provides a unique opportunity for a multitude of community members to experience the joy of animal interaction. This is compounded by the joy seen in the youth who bring the animals to visit the elders. The youth discover these elders are interesting and often fun and that they (the youth)  have something to contribute to others in the community just by their presence. The elders discover they have value to someone again as their stories and humor are enjoyed. Also, ANT animals comfort students at WWU during finals week and delight crowds at the Ski to Sea festival. People have exclaimed how wonderful it is to see a horse downtown bringing together youth and farm animals with hundreds of elders.

“We go to the home because these people are locked up just like we are. They can’t have their animals just like we can’t. They can’t move around and they can’t talk much. They would try to smile, but they may not be able to. But they are just like us.” – Anonymous

“I don’t have close relationship with my own grandparents. So I give my love to these people in the home.”- Anonymous

“I met a lady whose name is Boots. She had a stroke and she can’t move around. One day she came talk to me and said that I was pretty. She told me her story and I told her mine. At the end, she held my hands and we cried together. We don’t judge each other. We are just the same. She said she didn’t want to live after the stroke, but meeting me made her want to be alive. She wants to meet more girls like me.” – Anonymous