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Our New Horizons program helps those in recovery from chemical addictions.   Using Equine Therapy our  Equine sessions center around offering activities that require clients to utilize a specific skill such as assertiveness, verbal and non-verbal communication, problem solving, creative thinking, leadership, maintaining a positive attitude, relationship building, confidence, and teamwork. EAP is effective in treating mental health and human development needs including substance abuse, ADD, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, abuse issues, communication needs and relationship issues.

“Thunder is really cool for me .What he taught me goes perfectly with my life today. I need to anticipate situations before they come to me, not just get caught off guard. And not let my fear of another person’s response affect my speaking up.” –Anonymous

“When I came to the program I didn’t trust anyone. Now I trust me and Sienna (my horse) and I can trust the people around me too. I have confidence in what I am doing. I find a goal and ways to accomplish that goal.” –Anonymous

“I have to be selfish in my recovery, this will help help me with my conversation with my mom tonight cuz I need to tell her things she may not want to hear.” –Anonymous

“Patriot taught me to be very, very strong in my plan, and not to just go along with others. My sister will be a big challenge (when I go home). Patriot pulled me into the middle of the arena but I had to be strong to get control again.” –Anonymous