Yesterday was the first day of Day Camp 2015.

It is such an amazing process to watch the horses and kids pick each other.

The Visions girls stood there holding all the horses and the campers wandered amongst them, approaching some with more caution than others, reaching out to be sniffed by the horse and stroke its neck or shoulder. Only occasionally a horse will settle their noses gently into a youth’s chest and you know that’s their kid. Often its more subtle. One horse watched one kid the whole time they were in the arena. But then it’s indescribable the feeling that comes up when I witness the lessons for each kid unfold from the horse they picked or who picked them.

Later during leading one horse was a little intimidating to her kid. The kid had tears rise up in her eyes and was ready to give up. BUt with a promise that I’d stay with her she kept at it and established her leadership.

It was only after I asked “Who is someone who bullies you?”… and yes the boys at school do. And I had her tell that to Sundance and then I told her that Sundance is a really nice horse, one of my favorites, and it is hard for her to play that bully role but she has to do it to teach a child to stand up for themselves. When I said that, Sundance dropped a tear from her softened eye. I almost cried too for it is such a privilege to really see these horses each in their own way of working. Beautiful.