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Farm Needs


~Socks & Gloves (youth & adult)
~Leather Riding Boots (youth & adult)
~Rubber Boots (youth & adult)

~ASTM/SEI Riding Helmets
~Fly Spray
~Large push brooms
~Small-hole and medium-hole hay nets
~Equine Fly Masks (L & XL)
~Rubber Curry Brushes (small & large)
~Dura Fork Picking Rakes
~Rubber Stall Mats for Horses (4×6)

~Large Rabbit Water Crocks
~Extra Wide Rabbit Water Bottles
~Glycerin Leather Cleaner Bars
~Neatsfoot Oil
~Mare Magic Equine Supplement
~Vet Wrap
~Betadine Scrub
~Gauze bandages
~Shapley’s M-T-G Grooming Oil
~Equine coat conditioner
~Equine shampoo and conditioner

~Alfalfa cubes
~Alfalfa pellets
~Albers Rabbit Feed
~Mineralized Salt Blocks
~Chicken grubs
~Timothy pellets
~Bedding pellets
~Rabbit Pellets
~Horse Treats
~Grain-free Dog Treats


Office Items

~Copy Paper
~Photo Paper
~HP Printer Ink
~Plain Envelopes 9″
~Plain Envelopes 4×5″
~Sticky Nametags
~Sheet Protectors
~Avery 5160 Custom Labels
~Copy & Printing services