Thanks to all those who joined us for the Healing Hearts Breakfast on October 2nd! This event raises critical funds that help us provide scholarships for youth & veterans, and we so grateful for the $20,000 raised this year. This support will immediately and directly benefit ANT’s participants this Fall quarter, which include children as young as 5 years old.


Those present were lucky enough to hear a powerful testimony from a young man whose experience with our horse Abby has changed the course of his life. When he finished speaking, there was not a dry eye in the house. Former Board Member & current school counselor Christa Shaw shared the impact of ANT’s programs on a particular family with young children. Before coming to ANT, the girl was known to self-harm and exhibit fits of rage; after she began attending equine sessions, her mom revealed that her daughter “has been more willing to talk about her feelings instead of storming off. She is willing to communicate effectively.”

We’re so thankful to those who shared their stories.

Our friend Jessie Bloss of Jessie Bloss Photography captured the warmth of the event – see her photos below:

Thank you also to our friend Anastacia Lundholm for sharing this beautiful blessing with us to start the event (many guests requested a copy of her words):

Dear creator, 

We ask first for threads of peace to surround all those who are here today, and their families. May this grace nurture all our hearts and minds today.

We ask for a blessing for the land, that supports us and feeds us resulting in the beautiful meal we have before us.

We ask for a blessing for Windy Acres, the busy farm and pastures that provide so much love and healing.

We ask for a blessing for the animals who give so much. From the tiniest chick to the largest horse, they trust their lives in our hands and give hope and healing each in their own measure.

And lastly, we ask for a blessing to reach out to all the hearts and souls of the people who will come to ANT in the coming year— the preschoolers, children, teens, young adults, veterans, parents and elders. Those who have been mistreated, bullied, traumatized, abandoned or hurt. We pray that our resources will be sufficient to meet their need.

In the fullness of our gratitude,