Eagle Veterans

The Veterans Program is for any veteran who wishes to explore their feelings and interactions while returning to civilian life.

Horses provide a multitude of different experience, and one can delve into their responses to various stimuli. They also have a relaxed vigilance which veterans can learn much from, and research has demonstrated that equine therapy effectively addresses symptoms of PTSD. We are honored to work with service members and their families.

The EAGLE Vets program offers weekly, one-on-one or group equine therapy sessions with our Mental Health & Family Counselor, Joaquin, and our team of horses. These sessions are conducted onsite at our peaceful, secluded farm, and are tailored to the needs of each participant.

Get Involved

Please call our office at 360-671-3509 or contact us by email for a confidential intake & program information. We offer some Wounded Warrior funding for qualifying participants and are happy to assist new clients in accessing other financial resources.

Vets Program – EAGLE Forms

Veteran Experiences at ANT

Veteran Experiences at ANT


“ANT’s EAGLE Program has made my return to a normal civilian life possible. My work with team members and the horses has allowed me to feel whole again.”
-John M, Bellingham

“Sienna is 100% right on, right on the money. She changed my way. My relationship with my wife is much, much, much improved. What you do here really works.”
-Adam, Bellingham

“I loved horses already. I never thought they’d teach you all this stuff. They understand you and read you. How you [staff] read them is amazing. It is not simple stuff. I’ve learned to read body language in my wife and my family because of this.”
-Adam, Bellingham