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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to ANT!

ANT’s mental & behavioral health programs focus on helping young people identify their feelings and needs, manage behaviors, overcome individual challenges and obstacles, set clear and attainable goals, and continually review progress towards meeting those goals. The insight and direction gained during these sessions help youth achieve success in school and life. Please contact us directly to determine if ANT is a good fit for your needs.


Where are you located?2022-07-20T18:50:14-07:00

To protect the privacy & safety of our participants, we don’t publish our physical address and require all farm visits to be arranged in advance. Our farm is located in north Whatcom County, about 15 minutes from downtown Bellingham.

What do I need to bring?2021-01-29T22:47:07-08:00

Participants will need closed-toe shoes, tall socks, long pants, and appropriate outerwear. We offer both rubber boots and riding boots for those without their own, as well as a selection of rain and warm coats.

Additionally, we provide hot & cold water, but encourage youth to bring a water bottle and eat a low-sugar, high-protein snack before programs.

Can I observe my child’s session?2021-01-29T22:46:41-08:00

Unless there is a medical reason for which a child must be accompanied, we ask that parents and other caregivers remain off property for the duration of the session. This encourages youth to engage without distraction.

At the end of each quarter, parents will be invited to a Family Session where you can participate with your child.

Does my child need horse experience to participate?2021-01-29T22:45:44-08:00

No previous horse experience is necessary to participate in our programs. Certified equine staff will instruct participants to work with our horses safely & effectively. Additionally, youth who are already familiar with equine work will have the opportunity to learn new ways of engaging with horses.

Do I need a doctor’s referral?2021-01-29T22:45:18-08:00

No. Medical referrals are not necessary to enroll in ANT’s programs. Parents, grandparents, or other caregivers may complete an intake and participant registration for a youth.

Is this a horseback riding program?2021-01-29T22:44:51-08:00

No – ANT’s programs are groundwork-based, with activities like leading, grooming, and other care. We can offer suggestions for other local riding centers if your child is specifically interested in horseback riding.

Do you offer financial aid or scholarships?2021-01-29T22:44:33-08:00

Yes. We offer a sliding fee scale based on household income, and award partial scholarships following successful completion of a financial assistance application. Veterans may be eligible for partial scholarships through the Wounded Warrior Project.

Do you take insurance?2021-01-29T22:43:44-08:00

Unfortunately at this time we are unable to accept insurance. However, there are a number of other resources available to families through state & local agencies, and we are happy to work with you to determine eligibility. We also offer a sliding fee scale based on household income.

What ages do you serve?2021-02-26T02:03:02-08:00

Our programs serve youth ages 8-18. Adult military veterans are served through our EAGLE Vets program. At this time we do not offer additional adult services.

Enrollment Process

To be considered for our programs, an intake is required. The Program Coordinator will conduct a brief assessment (~10-15 minutes) over the phone to determine if ANT’s programs are a good fit for you/your child’s needs. This must be completed by a parent or guardian (if enrolling a youth) or by the veteran. If it is determined that our programs are a good fit, fees and payment methods will be arranged. Financial aid options are available. Additionally, ANT participants are often eligible for state or agency funding (DSHS, CCS, Compass Health, Wounded Warrior, etc) and we are happy to assist families in accessing those resources.

Completed forms and a deposit (regardless of scholarship amount) are required to secure a participant spot. Participation is not confirmed until all paperwork has been received and a deposit has been paid.

Please call the office at (360) 671-3509 to speak with the Program Coordinator, or contact us by email.

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