What We Do: Animals as Natural Therapy is proud to serve at-risk youth & veterans through equine therapy & other animal-assisted programs. Since 1999, Animals as Natural Therapy has helped thousands of youth and adults find healing through horses and other animals. Additional services include mobile therapy animals, leadership & anti-bullying workshops, and team-building experiences.

Our mission is to strengthen our community by developing healthy, resilient individuals through animal-assisted education, with special attention to at-risk youth.

Our work is based on the knowledge that animals can reach a place in the human heart that other approaches may not. Many of those we serve are struggling with trauma, grief, depression, anxiety, PTSD, anger & behavior management, and other challenges affecting their daily lives.

Equine therapy has been shown to be an effective intervention for both youth and adults struggling with mental, behavioral, and emotional health issues. Our team includes mental health therapists, certified equine specialists, and an amazing herd of therapy horses, who are the real teachers.

Animals as Natural Therapy empowers individuals to build honest, mutually-respectful relationships with our animal partners through experiential education and equine-facilitated programs.

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Animals As Natural Therapy is a PATH Intl. Premier Accredited Center. 

Participants and their families can be confident that PATH Intl. Member Centers and Professionals deliver safe, effective equine-assisted activities and therapy programs. 

Why Horses

In 1999, Sonja Wingard founded Animals as Natural Therapy on her farm in Bellingham, WA, to better serve youth in crisis. Hear from Executive Director Sonja Wingard about ANT’s beginning, our herd of therapy horses, and why they make such incredible teachers.