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What we do!

Animals as Natural Therapy (ANT) empowers individuals of all ages to build honest mutually-respectful relationships with our animal partners.  In a safe, nurturing-yet-challenging environment one develops essential life skills that positively impact all aspects of their lives: self-management, determination, social intelligence, gratitude, hope, awareness and curiosity.

“At ANT, I was more than a case or statistic, more than a suicidal teen. I was a person, and I was in pain that words cannot express. Chaco, my horse, and the staff saw me for me. They did not judge my past or present circumstances, and that made all the difference in the world.” –MW

Our work is based on the knowledge that animals can reach a place in the human heart for healing that other approaches may not.  90% of the youth we serve are low income.  Our goal is to never turn someone away for lack of financial resources.  Please help us offer the immense gift of transformation and hope by Donating Today.

“You find out here (at ANT) that you are going to make it” –Fred, Longtime Military Vet

Animals As Natural Therapy is a Premier Accredited Center through PATH International.



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Of those served are low income.