Project Details


Project Description

Mobile ANT provides a unique opportunity for a multitude of community members to experience the joy of therapy animal interaction.

Our small therapy animals include: miniature horses, goats, dogs, chickens, bunnies, and a llama.

Our intergenerational visits, featuring youth volunteers, bring therapy animals to visit seniors around Whatcom County. Intergenerational connections offer youth a chance to appreciate elders & aging in a positive way, while the elders discover that they have value to someone again as their stories and humor are enjoyed. Seniors also benefit from the physiological effects of animal interaction, such as lowered blood pressure and reduced cortisol levels.

Appearances include:

  • Dementia/Nursing Home/Rehab/Long-Term Care facilities in Whatcom County
  • WWU finals week
  • Ski to Sea festival
  • Farmers Market, Rooftop Cinema & other community events
  • Middle School Workshops & Service Learning
  • Corporate events with Microsoft


“I don’t have a close relationship with my own grandparents. So I give my love to these people in the home.”- Anonymous

“Thanks to you, I feel like I’m making a difference by making seniors happy by bringing animals in for the company.” – Service Learning Student


Volunteer with Mobile ANT 

We look for families & individuals with a love for animals, appropriate emotion & behavior regulation, and ability to make a 6-month commitment of at least one visit per month. Due to facility schedules, some Mobile ANT visits are held during the school day so homeschooling families may be a great fit.

If interested, please contact the volunteer coordinator


For Facilities – Request a Visit

Interested in having our animals & volunteers visit at your facility? Please contact the Mobile ANT Coordinator for a request form & fee information.

We offer one-hour visits with small animals and mini horses, and serve the greater Whatcom County area.


“It’s amazing how an old man sitting with a chicken on his lap will come to life as he remembers his childhood on a farm, or how the presence of Gabby [the Golden Retriever] can delight a nursing home resident missing her own pet.” – Mobile ANT Staff Member


Support Mobile ANT

  • sponsor a small animal (supports their food & medical care for a year)
  • sponsor our NEW Mobile van (please contact us to discuss how you can help keep ANT on the road!)
  • advocate for ANT visits if you have a relative or friend currently residing at a local facility


“I met a lady whose name is Boots. She had a stroke and she can’t move around. One day she came to talk to me and said that I was pretty. She told me her story and I told her mine. At the end, she held my hands and we cried together. We don’t judge each other. We are just the same. She said she didn’t want to live after the stroke, but meeting me made her want to be alive. She wants to meet more girls like me.” – Anonymous